What does the status of my order mean?

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There are few statuses and you can check it on your Merogiftcard account in the Orders tab and on the order page itself.


Status meaning #

  • Completed – your payment was correct and your product was delivered. This is the final status on Merogiftcard.
  • On hold – your payment has been received but the order has been held. Check the below conditions for more info:

If your order product is about topup via login: may be your Login details are incorrect.

If your order is about Top Up via UID: May be your UID is invlaid, Incorrect or region doesnot match.

If your Order is about Bigo diamonds: you have to provide an verification code.

If this happens to your Orders please contact us at Messenger (Facebook Page) or social@merogiftcard.com. Once  you will reached our support team you will be guided on how to resolve the issue in order to dispatch your products as soon as possible.

  • Pending – your order was placed but we haven’t received your payment yet. The order will be updated when the payment reaches us. If you’re sure that you have not been charged for it, feel free to cancel it. In some cases if you have paid via manully, it may takes upt0 30 mins to canged to processing if it takes longer, please contact us at Messenger (Facebook Page) or social@merogiftcard.com.
  • Processing – your order was placed and your payment has reached us. We are now working on your order to delivering your product as soon as possible.
  • Refunded – your order has been refunded.
  • Failed – due to technical issues, your order couldn’t be processed.
  • Canceled – your payment has not been completed or you canceled your order by choice.